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Sequential Gearbox

If you have ever ridden a motorcycle, you know that the manual transmission in a motorcycle is nothing like a manual transmission in a car. On a motorcycle, you shift gears by clicking a lever up or down with your toe. It is a much faster way to shift. This type of transmission is called a sequential gearbox or a sequential manual transmission. It turns out that most race cars use sequential gearboxes as well. A sequential gearbox gives the driver several important advantages that are very useful in a race car. With the sequential gearbox there is still a set of gear selector forks that move collars that engage gears. The only difference is the way the control rods are manipulated. The "H" pattern is eliminated and replaced with a different motion. In a race car, the motion of the shift lever is either "push forward" to up-shift or "pull backward" to downshift. If you are in a gear and you want to go to a higher gear (e.g. from 2nd to 3rd), you push the shift lever forward. To go from 3rd to 4th, you push the lever forward again. To go from 4th to 5th, you press it forward again. It is the same motion every time. To drop back down a gear, say from 5th to 4th, you pull the lever backward. In European mass-produced automobiles, the shift lever moves forward and backward to shift into higher and lower gears, respectively. In Formula One cars, there are actually two paddles on the sides of the steering wheel, instead of a shift lever. The left paddle up-shifts, while the right paddle downshifts.

6 Speed Sequential Gearbox
6 Speed Sequential Gearbox

 Final drive 10x31 or 8x31
 Self-locking differential
 Maxi engine torque : 25 m.kg (179 lbs/Ft)
 Sequential gearing
 6 speed dog ring gearbox
 Variable ratios
 Specific aluminum housing
 Weight : 44 kg

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